The Meaning of the Cross

Arthur shares what the cross means and why Jesus died on the cross for our sins. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.

The Map of the World

The map has a white pin representing all the countries of the world in which the cross has been carried.

The Crosses carried around the World

These are the 4 crosses that Arthur has carried around the world. It includes the first cross that was in ‘His Place’ which is the one Arthur chained himself to on Sunset Strip.

Denise’s Memories from the Cross Walk

Denise tells some stories of her cross walk with Arthur. She shares about the gift of the wooden spoon from Uzbekistan; the cross walk in Irian Jaya; 7 flat tires in one day on the trip through the USSR; the incredible welcome from the Pacific Islanders; how God provided a water heater in an African nation at war and the cross walk in Easter Island.

Wheels of the Crosses

Arthur explains the purpose of the wheel at the bottom of the cross.

Sophia, our Daughter

Sophia shares her personal story and how she came to know Jesus and what He means to her. She also tells some of her experiences and travels with Mom & Dad with the cross around the world.

Denise’s Special Photos

Denise tells the stories behind some of her very special photos. The cross walk in Lithuania; in Kiev, Ukraine; riding a donkey in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Northern Pakistan; 2 lovely ladies from Burma; the incredible welcome from the Fijians; surrounded by wonderful children in the Solomon Islands; Denise’s special Kuna indian boy from the San Blas Islands; the cross walk in New Zealand; photos of Sophia; chipping off a piece of the Berlin Wall, Germany; her favorite photo of Arthur leaning on the cross; in Cambodia; our return from Baghdad, Iraq; the Land Rover ready for the trip to the USSR and then Denise tells her story of wearing a hat in Iran and being featured in the New York Times.


Arthur tells how he and Denise have traveled and lived around the world, carrying the cross.

A few of Arthur’s Special Photos

Arthur shows a few of his special photos and the stories behind them. Women refugees arriving in Jordan from Kuwait and Iraq; carrying the cross in Irian Jaya; sharing Jesus with Bob Dylan; a lady carrying our cross from Belarus, in the former USSR; on Table Mountain in South Africa; at the summit of Mount Fuji, Japan; carrying the cross in Cuba; at the Berlin Wall, Germany; the Iraq border and with the cross atop an 18,200 ft mountain pass at the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.


Arthur has kept a daily diary since 1968 and has documented many of the events, facts and figures of this journey of the cross around the world in every nation and inhabited island group.

Arthur’s Photos

Arthur shares a few stories behind some of his favorite photos. An oil painting of Arthur entering Jerusalem, Israel; in the jungle; Joshua and his cross; covered in snow in the former Soviet Union and finally the story of carrying the cross in the island of Zanzibar.

Arthur’s Memorabilia from the Cross Walk around the World

Arthur opens his display cabinet in The Cross Museum and shares memories of some of his special treasures. These include; The Sinai Peace Medal that was given to him by the Military Governor of the Sinai in El Arish, Egypt; the gift that the soviet commander gave to Arthur and Denise when arrested in Uzbekistan; his childhood shoe; bullets from the war in Beirut, Lebanon; the ivory cross given to Arthur by the Coptic Pope Shenouda; a piece of the Berlin Wall and many other fascinating items from the cross walk around the world.

Invitation to Receive Jesus

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