Broken Crosses

Arthur talks about how Jesus preserved him on the cross walk around the world to complete the journey, despite many broken and battered crosses. Remember what Jesus calls you to do, do it, no matter how tough.


Arthur looks through his passports & visas and is reminded of how Jesus got him into some of the most challenging countries of the world with the cross.

Guinness Book of Records and Other Memories

Arthur talks about being in the Guinness World Records for the world’s longest walk/ongoing pilgrimage and some other memories.

Denise’s Special Mementoes

Denise shows some special mementoes from the Explorer ship sailing through the Atlantic ocean to visit the world’s most remote inhabited islands; when she carried the cross in Red Square, Moscow and their diverted flight to Luxor airport in Egypt.


Arthur shows all the Bibles he’s preached from since he was a young minister.


Hear Arthur tell the story about the two knives that were at his throat to kill him.

Tear Bottle

Arthur will show you a tear bottle from Tehran, Iran and explain the meaning of the scripture in the Bible. “You number my wanderings; Put my tears in your bottle; are they not in your book?” Psalm 56:8.

The Cross in Space and other Memories

Arthur shares how he and Denise lived in their Land Rover as they traveled and how a piece of the cross was sent into space.

The 40,000 Miles Banner and other photos.

Arthur tells some fascinating stories behind some of his photos. These include: reaching the 40,000 mile mark on the journey around the world; meeting Pope John Paul II in Rome; getting into Vietman and visiting the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania.

A few of Denise’s Souvenirs

Denise looks through her cabinet and shares a few of her souvenirs including: her her special pen from completing the last sovereign nation, North Korea; in Yemen; the wonderful people of Chitral, Pakistan and Cape Cod, USA.

Arthur’s PLO Watch and other Memories

Arthur tells the story of meeting one of Yasser Arafat’s former bodyguards and what happened with their watches; the cross going on the Concorde airplane plus many other stories.

Invitation to Receive Jesus

Exit Museum

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