Arthur’s Shoes

Arthur shares his memories of the 45 pairs of shoes that he has worn on his walk with the cross around the world.

Some of Denise’s Special Memories

Denise shares some memories from the crosswalk including chipping off some of the Berlin Wall; climbing up Mt. Fuji in Japan with the cross and carrying the cross in the midst of a military coup in Bujumbura, Burundi.

Entering Iraq

Arthur tells the incredible story of how Jesus led he and Denise into Iraq when Saddam Hussein was still in power. Jesus did it!


Listen to the story of how the cross was carried in the ancient ruins of the city of Babylon.


Arthur explores his collection of clothes he’s worn through the years. These include his hippie fringed suede vests; road jackets; handmade traditional clothing from Chitral; his rapture suit; a hat from Antarctica and other unique items.

Remembering the Amazon and Other Stories

Arthur shows how he played records on a manual record player to preach the gospel in the native languages of the Amazon, using a stick! Plus many more stories.

Arthur’s Black & White Photos

Arthur talks about some of his favorite black and white photos. The day his heart stopped; with Billy Graham in Belfast, Northern Ireland and at the Palm Beach Rock Festival.

A few of Denise’s Souvenirs

Denise shares a few of her favorite stories. Their trip to Jamaica; Yemen; gift from the Masai in Zanzibar, Chitral in Pakistan; Denise’s visit to Graceland in Memphis, TN; the Galapagos and her gift of colorful silk from the USSR.

Some Special Photos

See some special photos through the years. With Yasser Arafat; Arthur’s wonderful Mother and Daddy; running for the President of United States; family photos and in Leipzig, East Germany.

Invitation to Receive Jesus

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