Arthur’s Backpacks

Arthur looks through his collection of backpacks and recalls how he lived out of them during many of his cross walks around the world.

Yasser Arafat’s Cross

See the beautiful Mother of Pearl cross that Yasser Arafat, the Chairman of the PLO, gave to Arthur. Arthur tells the story of how he met him face to face during the wars in Beirut, Lebanon in 1980 and 1982.

The Darien Jungle

Arthur looks at his water canteen, headband and machete that he used to get through the famous Darien Gap in 1979. It was one of the world’s deepest, darkest, and most inpenetrable jungles. Hundreds of miles of mountains, jungle and swamp… the only place from Alaska to Argentina without a road. Jesus said ‘I will be with you always’. All glory to God!

Denise’s Memorable Moments

Denise recalls some of her memorable moments from around the world. Facing some interesting food like bat soup and dried rats on a stick as well as being welcomed by thousands of wonderful people in Lithuania.

Hotel Keys & Other Memories

See Arthur’s two glass bowls full of hotel keys that he’s collected from the cross walk around the world!

Bows and Arrows

Arthur looks at his spears, bows and arrows that were given to him by warriors from primitive tribes in the Amazon, Darien Jungle and Papua New Guinea. These were were actually used for hunting, fishing and fighting.

Chitral in Pakistan

Arthur shows the beautiful outfits that were given to he and Denise while carrying the cross in Chitral and the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan where they witnesssed incredible miracles of healing.

Denise’s Testimony

Denise shares her testimony of how she was led to Jesus by an African lady in a London park.

Arthur’s Walking Gear

Arthur stands in front of 4 crosses and goes through his walking gear. His hipster that holds gospel tracts; Jesus stickers; New Testament; water bottle holder strapped onto the cross; sunscreen; hats; stretch hooks and a triple ski bag for the cross itself!


This is Arthur’s bullhorn that he first used during Jesus marches in the very first days of the Jesus Movement. Hear Sophia give a Jesus cheer using this bullhorn!

Copper Plaque from His Place

Arthur opened ‘His Place’ a Jesus nightclub on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA. A dedication service was planned for August 31st, 1968 and this Copper Plaque was a surprise gift full of signatures from dear & close friends and was presented to ‘Arthur Blessitt For the Dedication of His Place’.

The Great Wall of China

Arthur lifted up the cross on the Great Wall of China in 1987 during the time of communism. This was a great triumphant moment for the glory of God, Jesus did it!

The Cross Movie Premiere and Other Photos

Arthur shares how he started ministering on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, CA . Then 40 years later a movie was made and he, Denise & Sophia returned to Hollywood at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the premiere plus many other memories.

With George W Bush and Other Memorable Photos

Arthur shares some memorable photos from the cross walk. In Moscow 1988; with Gadaffi in Libya; at the Charlie Daniels Jam; with Prince Michael of Kent; with George W Bush and many others.

Arthur’s Special Memories

Arthur looks through his cabinet and recalls so many wonderful memories including postcards from the Explorer ship and Afghanistan; vestments from Vilnius, Lithuania; a t-shirt from Baghdad; a hand painted piece of wood; boxes of bolts from the crosses and many more items.

Invitation to Receive Jesus

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