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The Cross Museum of Arthur and Denise Blessitt

Memories from the World's Longest Walk

The Glory of the Coming of the Lord is at Hand

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Memories and Message

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Crosswalks and Travel

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The Ultimate Reality Story

Guinness World Record Holder - Longest walk over 41,879 miles (67,397 KM) / 324 countries

Guinness World Record holder for the world’s longest ongoing pilgrimage/walk, Arthur Blessitt has opened a unique museum. “The Cross Museum of Arthur and Denise Blessitt” includes memories, historic items, gifts, untold stories and photos. Arthur and his wife Denise tell stories about each item. This well could be the most amazing travel adventure museum as well as the reactions of people to the cross in our modern times.

Tour this virtual museum and enjoy this epic journey with Arthur and Denise. It answers the questions: Where did you sleep? What did you drink? What food did you eat? How do you get across the oceans and to remote islands? How did you get the cross on airplanes? How were the crosses broken? What do you carry on trips? Info about passports and visas etc. It is a historical story of inspiration and the message he shares is from the Bible and about Jesus. The museum contains all four crosses Arthur has carried around the world, every pair of shoes worn, backpacks and other travel equipment they have carried.

His wife Denise has been with him and the cross in over 294 nations and island groups, mainly driving and carrying supplies. She goes ahead of him and often meets the gunmen and dangers before he arrives walking. People have given them items that they cherish which are reminders of the many moving stories of love and dangers. Together they open their hearts and share treasured memories.

Arthur Blessitt who first started carrying a 12 foot cross on Sunset Strip in Hollywood in 1968, just turned 76 years old. He has carried the cross in 324 nations, islands groups and territories including every sovereign nation. Walking over 41,879 miles and over 83 million steps carrying a total weight of over 18 billion pounds.

On the pilgrimage he preaches from the Bible and invites people to know and follow Jesus. He says he loves to talk, pray and bless people that come to him along the roads of the world. These pilgrims of peace and love have been welcomed by the people of the world with the cross.

He has been in 54 wars and arrested 24 times facing dangers of all sorts. Arthur says “I love God and I love people. I try to keep it simple. The road is home and we love meeting the people, staying in their homes and eating their food. This earth is full of beauty. We need to open our eyes and see the Hand of God.”

Arthur is full of joy and optimism yet he feels the burden and pain of a world lost in hate, greed, injustice and war. But to quote him “At the cross the worst of man met the best of God and Jesus brings hope, love and new life.”

This documentary film has been 48 years in the making and taken one year of filming and editing in between cross walking trips. Arthur has wanted to tell the stories behind these memories. “I wanted Denise and I to tell these stories behind the story before we walk on into heaven.”

For those who have seen Arthur’s previous documentary films “Arthur a Pilgrim” and “The Cross, the Arthur Blessitt Story” this is a must. It is available exclusively in their online store at and by mail. You will laugh and cry as it is full of the emotions of the world, people and Jesus.